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15th Oct 2020, what led to today's fall.
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As people were still roping in from yesterday’s losses and the swift recovery at the day’s end that gave buyers hope once again, was shattered today as Indian indices tanked, due to the pressure created by the major international Indices like Dow jones, Nasdaq, FTSE etc. and in doing so started a major sell off once again. And along with them came down every share in our indices. What led to this? Is it the fear of ever growing pandemic? Or the failure of worlds most leading pharmaceuticals, government’s researchers to come up with feasible cure to this! Or was this because of the tension that is being created by the uncertainty of American presidency, that whether Trump will be able to sustain on it or not. As the experienced traders say you can not always count or know all the variables when trading in markets. So what can one do to prevent from taking losses and maintain their portfolio regardless of the turbulences of the markets, Come to IFM Trading academy at Sec 17, Chandigarh. And learn Stock Market's basic fundamentals and core value of risk management to protect your investments and reap benefits off them till the very top!

Rajatdeep Singh Ahuja,

Head Analyst,


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