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Importance of position sizing including. Learn the secrets of position size in your trading system. | IFM Trading Academy | Stock Market Training institute in Chandigarh, Share Market training classes in Chandigarh, Commodity Trading Chandigarh, Forex training classes in Chandigarh, Best Stock market institute Chandigarh , - GL102333

Hello friends, hope you are doing well,
Today we are going to discuss the importance of position size in your trading system. My dear friend as you know everybody wants to make money in online trading in equity, commodities, forex & cryptocurrencies. Everybody uses their own strategies to make money but as you know maximum people fail in this business. Today we are going to analyze the reasons behind the huge number of failures and very e few people who are successful in the trading business.
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As we know there are so many trading systems are available, some works but many do not. Some traders want to money e in intraday, some pressure swing trading and many are long-term investors. Some take the advice from the professionals and Advisors. But in our experience and we also know very well very few are successful making money consistently. The majority of traders lose their entire portfolio in trading in a very short period of time.  Now the question is if they have a very good system as a system works very well why do they fail?

The answer is their rest management policy. Maximum traders do not follow the rules of risk management for we can say money management. They take huge risks to make more money in a very short period of time please do not know the rules of position size, many people try their hands in the derivatives market where you can trade with a very small amount and take the bigger position.  In a single position, there is more than 20 to 25% of their portfolio and in just a matter of time, if they are stuck with two or three of the wrong positions their portfolio get wiped out.
So if you are trading and not following the risk management and position size rules your life as a trader is very short, so we advise you first to learn risk management and market psychology, then enter into this business. Otherwise, your invested capital is at risk. 

Here at IFM Trading Academy in Chandigarh, we provide professional coaching in risk management money management psychology. Taking the training from IFM your confidence will boost up. You will know the exact position size. Proper risk and reward ratio and your winning accuracy will also increase. 

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